Reusable Swim Diapers

Who's ready for summer??

Just picture it.. the warm sun, the vivid colors, the coldest ice cream and the smell of the salty sea, the amazing food and .. poo?

Back up. There is such a thing as too much fun! And children are still learning and we are here to guide them. These Reusable Swim Diapers are going to solve any embarrassment at the pool or by the sea both you and your child. 

Their tight yet comfortable design will prevent any accident to become public and they behave just like any normal swimsuit, meaning when we talk about maintenance, it is just insane how simple it is to preserve them all summer long.

A variety of colors and patterns are available to cover and protect your baby's tush in a way that suits his or her personality best.

One size fits all happy swimmers!



 Comfortableness-  100% Nylon (which will catch any solids) makes the baby's tush feel comfortable and prevents any rashing or itching

♡ Easiness - the swimsuits are on in a matter of seconds!

♡ Unique Design- a variety of patterns guarantee your child's satisfaction and admiration whilst the plays and enjoys the hot summer days



♡ Easy to maintain - a washable diaper that stays soft wash after wash

♡ Cruelty-free - you are purchasing a product where no animals were harmed in its production

♡ Resilience - the diapers are strong and resilient to children's mischievous and playful characters.


Swim Diaper's Quick Check-List

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One size, adjustable with buttons fits babies between 3 to 15 kg, or up to 3 years old.

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Diapers are completely waterproof and reusable. They can be used all summer long.

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Cruelty - Free 

No animals were harmed in the production of these Swim Diapers.
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Swim Diapers do not contain any animal products.


Wash diaper cover and the diaper separately on a delicate cycle under 30°C (less than 86 °F).