Pandi Brush - Kids automatic toothbrush

Hurry up, the clock on this bargain is ticking!

It's time that your kids had fun brushing their teeth in the most efficient way!

Introducing our new and improved Pandi Brush designed to give kids an enjoyable, convenient and effective way of taking control of their oral care! 

Pandi Brush is approved and recommended by dentists globally! 

  • Eliminates bacteria in 30 seconds
  • 360 ultrasound effect
  • Safe & fun to use continuously
  • In-depth cleaning using a BASS brushing technique
  • Reach all surface areas more effectively
  • Entertaining & educational background music teaching kids correct brushing technique


Pandi Brush is equipped with 1,708 individual bristles that are combined with sonic vibrations, which reduces the time needed for an effective clean to 30 seconds! That's right 30 seconds! Your kids are going to love you for it 💕


  1. Once fully charged, apply 2-3 small pea-size amounts of toothpaste (of your choice) to both the top and bottom tray of the mouthpiece
  2. Place the mouthpiece into your kid's mouth between their top and bottom jaw. 
  3. Press on the button to select the desired mode
  4. Move the brush side to side for optimal results
  5. After brushing just soak, clean, and wipe, dry. 

*Make sure the brush is dry before placing it on charge again. 


The 360 auto-clean features three modes: regular brushing with sound, powerful brushing with sound & powerful brushing without sound. 

Kids safe

The brush is FDA-approved, made out of extra-soft premium silicone for maximal comfort during brushing whilst ensuring no abrasion to the teeth. 


Power: 5W
Battery capacity: 400ma
Charging time: Under 90 mins
Voltage: 3.7v - 4.2v
Charging mode: USB
13.9 cm; 6.7 cm
5.5"; 2.6"



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